The University of Sheffield



我認為在 USIC 學習最重要的事是合作,英語能力,及時間管理。首先,課程內容幾乎是高中題材的延伸,並不會涵蓋太多全新的概念,所以最關鍵的地方就是設法熟悉教學方式與自我學習。學校強調參與所以在課堂上保持專注是必須的。此外,由於每週提供的投影片很簡潔所以你可以藉由翻閱書籍來扎實學習。再來,嘗試用英文來閱讀並學習知識因為它能幫助你吸收原汁原味的精華,能夠幫助你增強西方邏輯思考並且最後你也能在考試的時候反應更快。最後,我強烈建議學生善用自學時間,包含找論文資料,複習不熟的內容,預覽下週的投影片以確保你一直都在狀況內。我相信藉由遵循老師的指導,良好的參與及時間管理學生能有更高更多的成就。

I think the most important things about studying in USIC are cooperation, English ability and time management. Firstly, course materials are literally extensions from that of high school, which do not contain too many brand-new concepts so the crucial point is to manage to be familiar with the teaching form and study independently.

The college emphasises the importance to be engaged so paying attention in class is always needed. Besides, you may need to refer to books to consolidate knowledge as weekly Powerpoint slides provided are too succinct. Secondly, trying to learn knowledge by reading in English because it helps you absorb authentic essence of it, which can enhance the ability to thinking in western logics and ultimately you can react faster during examinations. Thirdly, I strongly advise that students use the time for independent study wisely, including finding sources for essays, reviewing unclear materials, and previewing next week’s slides to make sure that you are into the situation all the time. I believe by following tutors’ instructions, well engagement and time management students can reach higher and achieve more.